KA9FUR's Delta Programming Software

By Dave Karr, KA9FUR


By reverse engineering the radio's firmware, I developed my own simple programming RIB and DOS firmware that will read and write the EEPROM in the Delta via the radio connector.

The RIB consists of a handful of parts and you can build one yourself. Look here for that information.

To keep things simple, I just wrote a small DOS application in C that manipulates the PC Parallel port pins as needed to read and write the EEPROM in the radio.  You can find that program here.

My program is a simple command line based program that uses a file format identical to the old Niles programming software.  It is simply 256 ASCII hex characters each representing a single nibble within the radio's EEPROM.  You can create the file manually or use the old Niles radio programming software to create the files for you.  The version of Niles software that I had did not always generate the correct transmitter synthesizer values for all radios so when in doubt, please make sure you are programming the radio with the correct values.

The DeltaPRG Windows software that I wrote can be used to generate radio data files that this DOS RIB can load into the radio, but this RIB itself cannot directly be used with DeltaPRG.

Over the years I have created my own crib notes as to the formating of the EEPROM, and you can find that information here.  This compliation is a result of radio firmware disassembly, observation of the Niles software, and information obtained from some of GE's older LBI's that documented the early EEPROM formats.

Because my softwre does direct hardware accesses of the PC's parallel port, you will need to run it on either a DOS computer (preferred) or within a DOS window within a non-operating system version of Windows (i.e. Win 95/98).  The program does have timing dependancies but normalizes the timing to your computer.  It should work on pretty much any speed computer and I've tested it on a 486/66 running DOS as well as a 700MHz P3 running Win 98, so I think it will probably work ok for you.

If you invoke 'deltaprg' without any command line parameters it will present you with basic use information which I think should be sufficiently self explanatory.

Please note that the '-d' option will not neccessarily decipher the Radio's EEPROM contents correctly for all radios.  You do need to answer the questions it asks correctly, and that due to the differences in firmware between the older Delta-S and newer Delta-SX firmware, that the information for older Delta-S radios will not be displayed properly.  This feature is included as a basic sanity check only and does work properly on the UHF and VHF radio's that I have tried thus far.

This software is offered without warranty, but if you do find problems with it, please contact me and I'll see if I can't resolve the problems.